Here are 4 sample test questions from

Certificate in Service Desk Skills - Level 1

​(one answer required unless otherwise stated):

1)         Trying to determine the exact reason why a problem occurred is an important element of what?

A         Accurate ticket assignment

B         Priority setting

C         Escalation

D         Root Cause Analysis

2)         “My understanding is that the error occurs when you try and enter your customer ID, is that correct?” is an example of what?

A          A subjective question

B         An open question

C         A reflective question

D         A rhetorical question


3)         Which two of the following are valid reasons for logging all calls?


A         To demonstrate the volume of work that has been undertaken

B         To ensure that all SLA’s are seen to be met

C         To ensure that the customer has been fully understood

D         To enable the production of accurate and meaningful performance statistics

4)         What is the best way to say “No” to a customer that is desperate for a “Yes”?

A         Use a hard “No”

B         Use a soft “No”

C         Use a passive “No”

D         Use a reflective “No”


See below for the answers

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The correct answers are:

1) D

2) C

        3) A & D

4) B

The real tests comprise of 40 questions with a pass mark of 75%.

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